Why use Docswrite to publish Google Docs to WordPress

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    I am Sandeep. I created Docswrite.com to help publishers.

    Those who are content industry know the best writing tool is Google Docs. There is no competition. Almost all writers and editors love to use Google Docs.

    But there is one issue which is not solved, the publishing flow. Let me talk about how it’s done without Docswrite.

    Once the article is written on Google Docs,

    1. Someone needs to copy the content and open WordPress

    2. log in to WordPress and go to Create a post

    3. Paste the content into the editor

    4. Fight for another 20 mins fixing the formatting

    5. Set slug, title, tags, categories, yoast/rankmath

    6. Hit publish

    7. Realized that he forgot to compress images and the article is slow

    8. Again go to WordPress and opened Google Docs, now he/she needs to download all the images and he/she doesn’t know how to download images. Once he figured out how to download those images, he/she opens a new online tool to compress each image, then reuploads them to WordPress

    9. Finally updates the post

    10. Wasted an hour publishing an article.

    Do you understand the pain to move content from Google Docs to WordPress?

    Now imagine you need to publish 5 articles a day and need to update 3 of your existing content. It’s a pain.

    The solution

    Docswrite.com solves it in a unique way.

    You can even keep on using your existing tool to publish. Imagine moving a Trello card to publish your content on WordPress. Basically, connect your tool with our Zapier app and it’s taken care of for you.

    What would Docswrite do for you?

    Docswrite would create an SEO-optimized article on WordPress, it would produce a clean HTML which is best for SEO. You can mention all the information related to the post in the Google Docs only. You can set title, slug, category, tag, publish date, author, meta description, excerpt, featured image, yoast seo settings, rankmath seo settings, newspack settings all in the Google Docs only.

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