Top 5 Android App Development Companies in the USA

Mobile applications have entirely revolutionized our daily existence, from online shopping to food ordering and travel bookings. For enterprises and mid-size businesses, mobile apps are an easy way to reach worldwide audiences, as approximately everyone uses a smartphone. Given the increasing adoption and usage of various mobile applications, companies are making investments in mobile app development, and startups are looking for Android application development companies

In the US, owing to the ever-rising demands for Android app developments, we have listed the top five development partners to collaborate for a potential project.


With offices in New York, Walpole, and Boston, AppsChopper was founded in 2011 with the objective of rendering digital transformation services for businesses looking to expand and keep pace with the progressing digital world. The development partner is acutely versed in Android app development services with over 350 projects, a strong clientele of 100 global partners, and an elaborate team strength heeding to numerous technologies.

AppsChopper’s technocrats maintain complete transparency in establishing ownership and rendering value-specific products with the option for post-deployment continuous development. It also leverages the features intelligent technologies like AI, ML, and DLTs like Blockchain can offer. 

Yellow Systems

Located in San Francisco, Yellow Systems primarily offers AI-enabled Andoird application solutions. It is a thriving Android app development partner in the mobile app space, with over 20 positive reviews. It has partnered up with global clients, including Twilio, PubNub, DialogKit, etc. 

While its services extend to all forms of digital products, it puts special emphasis on integrating aesthetics into its products through seamless UI design. For Android app development solutions, it has amassed extensive proficiency in front-end languages like React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, etc.


With a pitch-perfect rating of 5-on-5 on, Lanars looks to simplify sophisticated Android apps with a data-driven, innovative approach. It has partnered up with businesses including Tweego, Charj, Byzans, and Shoplabs, all representing the diverse set of industry verticals. 

The Android app development company, over the last few years, has built up a sturdy experience in frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue and aims to construct user-centric applications. With a focus on user-centric design and robust functionality, Lanars delivers tailored Android apps that empower businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Attract Group

Founded in 2011 and with a 4.9 rating on, Attract Group is a global business digitalization accelerator with domain-specific experience in mobile app development technologies. Being the foremost of the top Android app development agencies, it prioritizes a lean and agile app development methodology, continuously cross-checking with recurrent scrums and reports to the client. 

Its team of expert Android app developers has completed several projects with over 33 project showcases, each garnering global acclamation for user experience and security. Android app development services by Attract Group cater to nearly all industry verticals, including Crypto, Food and FMCG, Finance, Education, Travel, Entertainment, etc. 


Idealogic is an established technology partner that helps startups and enterprises with custom solutions. With 8+ years of experience in mobile app development, they provide custom Android application development services to various businesses. Their team of experts delivers Android applications with efficiency in various frameworks and libraries like React Native, Angular, Vue.js, Meteor.js, Express.js, etc.


Mobile apps have become an essential requirement for businesses. The market for mobile apps will increase at a rate of 13.8 % from 2023. So, it’s the right time for enterprises and mid-size enterprises to invest in Android app development firms. Also, developing Android applications provides businesses the platform to interact with users, track activities for continuous feedback, and increase sales.

These Android app development companies in the USA can be considered and analyzed by prospects for their technical requisites. However, it must ensure that the development partner has the right amount of technical know-how and expertise to develop the best application.

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