The Best Cactus Plants to Grow in Your Garden

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Cactus, the first thought that comes to the mind is a prickly plant but it will foolish to ignore the amazing benefits but health and appearance wise the plant holds. Being a popular plant as a garden filler and decorator, cactus can easily be integrated with other drought tolerant trees, perennials, shrubs and ornamental green grasses for a beautiful, full and naturally pleasing garden outlook.

If you are looking for planting these beautiful plants in your garden then AZ Cactus Experts  offering cactus transplanting in Chandler, have designed a list of all the home friendly, benefitting cacti types that will suit your home environment best and will have the qualities to be used both for indoor and outdoor gardening.

Beavertail Cactus

With bluish green pads, beavertail cactus is a prickly pear shaped cactus which grows about 20 inches high and 6 feet wide. This type of cactus has cherry pink little flowers that have a water melon fragrance. The cactus is ideal for desert landscaping and drought tolerant garden settings. The bloom late winter to early winter and do not need much of fertilizing.

 Blue Flame Cactus

Also commonly regarded as garambullo, whortleberry or bilberry cactus, the blue flame cactus has a tendency to grow to 13 feet high and 8 to 12 feet wide thus covering large amounts of spaces. Due to their dense structure they can also grow up to 30 feet depending on the nature of the environment provided to them.  It has a significant candelabra shape has a bluish green color and produces a dark purple fruit that looks and tastes very similar to a blueberry and a cranberry. This cactus suits best if placed in a pot enhancing its height and beauty but if you are into ground plants then it can be shifted accordingly depending on the climate of the region you are in as this type of cacti requires full exposure to sun and needs damp soil to grow. 

Claret Cup Cactus

This is one of the most beautiful cactus in the cacti branch. The Claret cup cactus also commonly known as the hedgehog, king cup or mojave mound cactus has a potential to grow up o a height of 3 feet and expand up to 6 feet depicting its small yet spreading nature. This is a fruit giving cactus and produces a bright orange fruit that tastes like strawberries. The brighter orange the color of the fruit the more ripe it is. The type can also be used as a decorative plant but you need to be careful in choice of its soil as this cactus grows more lusciously in a soil that contains more gravel as compared to other cactus and succulent mixes.

Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus

Though this cactus has a similar name to claret cups but they have totally different outlook. Commonly regarded as strawberry cactus, purple torch or saint’s cactus, this is a small cacti and an outspreading nature. With erect stems and free branching clusters, it grows about 28 inches tall. One thing to be super cautious about this cactus is that they have really long and sharp spines so you have to keep them out of reach of children or simply plant them in outdoor gardens or rocky gardens contrasting it with a set of wild flowers and if you really want to grow this indoor then make sure you keep it in the sunniest spot and get the spines trimmed by the experts of AZ Cactus Experts  offering cactus transplanting in Chandler.

Orchid Cactus

Last but not the least the striking Orchid Cactus. This  cactus is known for its stunning 4 inch blooming red flowers. They are primarily grown in hanging baskets thus making them the ultimate add up in your garden especially indoors. You can also try hanging this type from the branches of large trees which will give them direct light and fresh air making their flowers bloom more and causing your garden creativity standards to sore high. You can always approach AZ Cactus Experts offering cactus transplanting in Chandler and get these installed.

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