Smile Makeovers: Top 10 Trends in Dental Surgery Design for 2023

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In the ever-evolving world of dentistry, the design of dental surgery can be just as important as the expertise of the dentists themselves. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that complements the cutting-edge procedures that give patients the confidence to smile brighter. In 2023, dental surgery design will witness revolutionary trends that cater to patient comfort, technological advancements, and eco-friendly practices. From calming interiors that reduce patient anxiety to the use of smart technology for enhanced service delivery, the trends this year are set to redefine dental experiences. Here, we unveil the top 10 trends in dental surgery design for 2023, each offering a glimpse into the future of dental care environments.

I. Emphasis on Patient Comfort and Anxiety Reduction

The narrative surrounding dental visits is changing dramatically in 2023, with patient comfort and anxiety reduction becoming a cornerstone of dental surgery design. Recognising the common fear associated with dental procedures, dental surgery contractors are now diligently working to craft environments that parallel the tranquillity and comfort of a spa. This transformative approach is characterised by the strategic use of ambient lighting which casts a gentle glow to soothe anxious nerves, and the selection of calming color palettes that evoke a sense of serenity and peace within the treatment spaces.

Moreover, the furniture selection is no longer just about functionality; comfortable seating options are carefully chosen to provide a relaxing waiting experience, akin to that in a cosy lounge. Additionally, the growing trend of sedation dentistry has led to the creation of special zones within dental offices, specifically designed to facilitate the safe and serene administration of sedatives. These areas are equipped with the latest in comfort technology, ensuring that patients can approach their dental treatments with a newfound sense of calm. This shift in design philosophy is a significant step towards altering the traditional view of dental visits, making them far less intimidating and establishing a new era of patient-centric dental care.

II. Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is no longer a choice but a necessity, and dental practices are catching up. Eco-friendly dental surgery design is not just good for the planet but also for business, as patients increasingly prefer services that care about their environmental footprint. Materials such as bamboo flooring, LED lighting, and energy-efficient equipment are becoming standard in dental surgery refurbishment, signalling a greener approach to dental care environments.

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Image Source: Divo Interiors London

III. Advanced Sterilisation Protocols

In 2023, dental surgery designs are taking sterilisation protocols to new heights, centralising their importance in practice layouts. Innovations are evident in the fluid transitions between treatment rooms and sterilisation centers, reducing contamination risks through minimised contact. Surfaces across these spaces are intentionally non-porous and smooth, ensuring they can be disinfected quickly and effectively. Beyond the tangible, there’s a growing adoption of advanced air purification systems, which work tirelessly to eliminate airborne pathogens, thereby fortifying the practice’s hygiene standards. This vigilant approach to cleanliness demonstrates the dental industry’s commitment to patient safety and health, instilling greater trust and peace of mind.

IV. Integration of Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry’s impact on dental care is profound, revolutionising the way dental surgeries are designed:

  • CAD/CAM Systems: Dental practices are dedicating specific areas for Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology. This allows for on-site creation of precise dental restorations, improving the fit and function of dental prosthetics.
  • 3D Printing Innovations: The integration of 3D printing stations is a game-changer, facilitating the quick production of dental models, surgical guides, and even some types of prosthetics. This advancement means patients can often receive their custom dental appliances faster than ever before.
  • Digital Imaging Areas: Specialised zones equipped with advanced digital imaging technology, such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), provide detailed visuals of the oral cavity. This accuracy informs better diagnosis and treatment planning, minimising guesswork and errors.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: By incorporating these technologies, dental surgeries are reducing the turnaround time for dental procedures. Patients benefit from shorter and fewer visits, as restorations like crowns, bridges, and veneers can be designed, fabricated, and fitted in a single appointment in some cases.
  • Precision and Customisation: Digital tools offer unmatched precision in dental work, ensuring restorations are customised to the individual’s anatomy. This level of personalisation not only leads to better dental outcomes but also enhances patient comfort and satisfaction.

These advancements signify a shift towards a more streamlined, efficient, and patient-focused approach to dental care, showcasing the synergy between technology and design in modern dental practices.

V. Aesthetic and Biophilic Design Elements

Biophilic design, which connects occupants more closely to nature, is seeing a surge in popularity within dental practices. Incorporating elements such as natural wood, stone, and indoor greenery, dental surgeries are becoming oases that promote wellbeing and relaxation, making patients feel at ease during their visits.

VI. Flexible and Multifunctional Spaces

Dental practices are now designed to be as dynamic as the teams that operate within them. Treatment rooms are adaptable, able to cater to general dentistry or complex surgeries as needed. The layout of dental surgeries is also incorporating private spaces for consultations and larger areas for community engagement and education.

VII. Smart Office Technology

In an age where efficiency is key, smart office technologies are being integrated into dental practices. From automated patient management systems to intelligent lighting and climate controls, these innovations are streamlining operations and enhancing the comfort of both patients and staff.

VIII. Design for Accessibility

Ensuring that dental services are accessible to all is a design trend that is rightfully gaining attention. Dental surgeries are becoming more inclusive, with wheelchair-friendly layouts, adjustable treatment chairs, and equipment that accommodates patients of all abilities.

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Image Source: Divo Interiors London

IX. Branding and Personalisation

A dental surgery’s design is becoming a reflection of its brand. From the colors of the walls to the art on display, each element is chosen to create a unique and inviting atmosphere. This personalised approach extends to the patient experience, with thoughtful touches that make each visit memorable.

X. Embracing Art and Culture

Finally, dental practices are looking beyond their walls and engaging with the community through art and culture. Displaying works from local artists and embracing cultural diversity in design choices enrich the patient experience and foster a sense of connection with the community.


As dental practices evolve to meet the needs of the modern patient, so too does the design of dental surgeries. Divo Interiors LTD understands the importance of these trends and stands at the forefront of innovative dental surgery design. Whether it’s a comprehensive dental surgery refurbishment or a new build-out, Divo Interiors LTD ensures that each project is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, sustainable, and tailored to the unique brand of the dental practice. As we continue to embrace these top trends in dental surgery design for 2023, Divo Interiors LTD is the partner of choice for practices looking to make a lasting impression on their patients and stand out in a competitive market.

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