How To Obtain A Schengen Visa To Attend Cultural And Athletic Events

How To Obtain A Schengen Visa To Attend Cultural And Athletic Events

Schengen countries offer various cultural and sports events. If any athlete or people from any part of the world have to visit the Schengen countries for any sports event such as football grand finale etc, they need to apply for a visa. The cultural visa allows visitors to enter the Schengen area to participate in cultural and sporting events. 

Below mentioned are some of the reasons to apply for a Cultural Visa. They are: 

  • Participation in a brief cultural or athletic event.
  • Religious event.

To enter Schengen countries for such activities, all nationals of the Schengen visa-free nations must obtain a Schengen cultural visa. However, if you are about to apply for a Schengen cultural visa, you need to follow the mentioned below requirements regarding flight reservation without payment, application form and fees etc. 

Cultural Visa Requirements And Documents Guide 

As per the requirements, you can apply for a Cultural Schengen Visa six months before travelling. In contrast, you can only apply two weeks or at least one month in advance. As a result, even if the embassy delays processing your application, you will not risk missing your flight.

  • Your current passport. The passport must have at least two blank pages and must have been issued within the last ten years. It should also be valid for three months. 
  • An application form for a cultural Schengen visa. Fill out the form with all of the necessary information. At the conclusion, print it and sign it. Check the box next to “Cultural”, “Sports”, or “Religion” when asked about the objective of your journey.
  • Two Passport size photos that complies with Schengen visa requirements. 

Guide For Photo Submission: Close-up of your head and top of your shoulders, 35-40mm wide, with your face taking up 70-80% of the shot. The picture must not be more than six months old. It should be captured with perfect focus and clarity, without writing marks or creases.

  • Medical travel insurance that covers the entire Schengen area. Covers emergency medical care, hospitalisation, and repatriation in the event of death. The minimum amount of coverage should be $ 50,000. 
  • Proof of payment of the Schengen Visa fee. 
  • Flight itinerary that shows your plan to visit the country, the dates of flying, and where you will stay.
  • Cover Letter – For a cultural Schengen visa you must tell the visa officer clearly that you are visiting the country for the event. You will return back to the country, once the event is over. 
  • NOC Letter.

Other Important Requirements For A Cultural Visa

If an athlete has to travel, he must submit a letter from any sports association in his country. The letter must provide the association’s contact information. It must also confirm your membership in the association. However, once you have submitted the documents for a visa, follow next step-by-step application procedures:

  • Make an appointment for an interview.
  • Prepare for the interview. As your visa approval is dependent on how you attempt your interview session. 

Tips For Attending Visa Interview: On the day of your appointment, you must arrive on time. Bring all of the necessary documentation. After the visa interview, you should wait for your application to be processed. The visa will be attached to your passport if the embassy approves your application.

  • Pay the charges.

Visa Processing Duration For Cultural Visa

The processing time for a Schengen Cultural Visa is approximately 15 days. However, depending on your situation, this period may be extended. During busy seasons, when Schengen embassies receive a high volume of applications, your visa processing may be delayed.

A Cultural Visa allows you to stay in the Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days. You can enter and depart the area as often as possible if you obtain a multiple-entry visa. Nonetheless, you will only be authorised to stay in the Schengen for up to 90 days in six months.

If your Schengen Cultural Visa application is rejected, you can reapply. Make sure that the next time you apply, you overcome the difficulties that kept you from obtaining a visa the first time. You must provide proper documentation to the embassy such as an accommodation letter for visa that improves the position of your application.

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