Phone Photography Tips and Tricks for Perfect Pictures

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Nowadays, smartphones are more than communication devices; they can perform various functions like photography. Now, you can click beautiful pictures with your phone; you don’t need to purchase a DSLR to capture unique shots. All you need to follow excellent tips and tricks for clicking professional pictures. You can invest your money in buying good camera smartphones; a good camera phone gives you the craft to try new things in phone photography. If you don’t have enough money to buy a new phone, you can buy a used one from an authentic store such as Phonebot; here, you will get a variety of good quality smartphones at discounted prices. You can also use their discount code, Phonebot discount code, to save some money. In this article, we have suggested some amazing tips to click perfect pictures.

1. Say Yes to Clean Lens

The most important step before clicking the picture is to ensure your lens is clean. We often get blurry pictures because our lens is not cleaned, so wipe your lens with a soft cloth before clicking any image. The soft fabric will easily clean the lens without damaging the mirror. The best way to clean the lens is to wipe your lens with a microfiber; this wiping will smoothly remove any dirt or fingerprint from your lens.

A clean lens allows the light to enter from the camera, giving us better and improved pictures. A clean lens is also important for color accuracy point of view as dust in the lens can affect color accuracy in photos. In low lighting conditions, a clean lens will play a major role in picture quality as the dust and flare will cause blur and noisy pictures.

2. Use the Power of Natural Light

Make the best use of natural light as you click the most clear and sharp photos in this light. You don’t need any filters to make your photos clear and sharp. Avoid using harsh light while capturing pictures in natural light, as it will cause harsh shadows and unnatural colors. Try to make the most of golden hours, as this is the perfect time to click amazing pictures; the golden hours will give you a natural glow in your photographs. Natural light is perfect for people who love to post unfiltered but professional-looking photos.

3. Experiment with Different Angles

Each of us has our unique pose or angle from which we are all good; we need to know about our special angle. For knowing our angles, we need to try different poses and take pictures from different angles; it is also a fun way to explore ourselves. No doubt, angles play a major role in making your pictures captivating.

If you want to capture larger subjects, you can shoot from low angles, or if you’re going to capture patterns, then shoot from a high vantage point. If you want to explore the array of creative opportunities, experiment with different angles. These opportunities will open your mind, and now you will click pictures with fresh perspectives.

4. Learn the Art to Focus

If you want to click focused and professional pictures, you need to learn the art of focusing. Nowadays, smartphones come with auto-focus features; they enable you to focus on one subject you want to photograph. Sometimes it gets difficult to get a sharp image from a complex background, so in this case, tap on the subject to get a sharp result. You can even install apps that allow you to focus back and forth and even manually to get your perfect shot.

5. Avoid Zooming

In your smartphone’s camera or even in some apps, you can do digital zooming. This digital zooming does not allow you to zoom the object; it simply magnifies means it crops the subject and gives you the effect of zooming. In simple words, it removes the subject pixels by getting you close to the subject. We suggest you get closer to the subject rather than depend on any application.

6. Use a Decent Camera Application

If you want to try new things in phone photography, you can use a decent camera application. A decent camera application allows you to click filtered pictures and try different colourful pictures. A sophisticated camera will enable you to do creativity with greater control. You can click professional pictures by adjusting the shutter speed and ISO like professional photographers. You can use applications like Adobe Lightroom mobile or B612, as it allows you to experiment with new things.


Phone photography is a funny yet exciting way to explore new things, such as you can try different filters or editing apps. Before clicking the picture, remember to clean the lens, as a dirty one will give you blurry pictures. Please make the most of sunlight as it captures the best clear shots; try to click images in the golden hour as it puts a natural glow to your face. You can experiment with different angles to get captivating photos.

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