Outlook Password Extraction from PST Files | 2023 – 24 Guide

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to Outlook Password Extraction from PST Files in all versions of Microsoft Outlook.

The passwords that were implemented to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your files can become a liability if you cannot recall the text that secured your folders.

There could be an excessive number of files that require a password to access, leaving you uncertain of whose password it is.

Failure to retrieve a forgotten password from a PST file will result in permanent inaccessibility to sensitive data, including that which is professional.


How can we escape this predicament?

There is a possibility that you can or cannot recall your previous PST file password.

In each of these circumstances, there are distinct conditions that must be fulfilled and distinct procedures that must be adhered to.

To circumvent the need to endure such protracted procedures, this article discusses a third-party utility that can simplify the process of password extraction from PST files.

How Can Passwords Be Extracted From PST Files?

Many Outlook users neglect the password for their PST files. When they enter an invalid password to access the file, a message similar to this one appears:

Password protection must be removed before accessing the emails contained in this PST file.

Remove the forgotten password from the PST file (Scenario 1)

When you forget your previous password, two methods for extracting the password from your PST files are detailed below; select the one that best suits your needs, but bear in mind the restrictions associated with the manual solution.

A Direct Method to Outlook Password Extraction from PST Files

Softaken PST Password Recovery Software is an all-in-one application that can be utilized to simultaneously remove the passwords from a large number of.pst files. Even without Microsoft Outlook installed on your computer, you can utilize this application.

Furthermore, regardless of the complexity, length, or multilingual nature of the password, the application can effortlessly decrypt password-protected PST files.
One notable feature of the program is its compatibility with all iterations of Windows. This eliminates the need to employ distinct methods for each version of Outlook, which would be the case with manual approaches.

The following instructions will provide a clear picture of the tool:

  1. Download and Launch the program to reset Outlook PST Password.
  2. Now, add a single PST or multiple PST files for which you want to reset the password.
  3. Get the list of added Outlook PST files and to go ahead, hit the Next button.
  4. Click on the Reset password button and provide a new password in the provided box.
  5. Press the Process button and the password of the added PST file can be easily reset.

2. Using pst19upg.exe, extract the password from the PST file.

Note before utilizing this tool:

  • You can employ this method if you have forgotten your previous password.
  • If you are using an older version of Outlook (2003). You are permitted to employ this method.

Pst19upg.exe is a complimentary Microsoft program that enables you to delete the password from the Outlook.pst file immediately. Disconnecting from the internet is a straightforward process. You can be utilized to delete the password from an Outlook.pst file.

Proceed as follows to access a password-protected PST file:

  1. While Microsoft Outlook is closed, create a backup copy of the desired PST file.
  2. Exe must be executed on the selected file.
  3. Enter pst19up as the file path into the Command Prompt, then press Enter.
  4. Enter “C: My Documentspst19upg.exe” -x outlook.pst at the command line.
  5. A PST replica named “filename.psx” will be produced as a result.
  6. Modify the original PST file’s name.
  7. In the Command Prompt window, enter pst19upg.exe followed by the filename from the Command Prompt.
  8. Your PST file is accessible without a password.
  9. Use scanpst.exe to examine the recovered PST and, if required, select the repair option.
  10. To open a file in Outlook, choose it from the File menu.

Why is this method for opening password-protected PST files not preferred?

  1. Installing Microsoft Outlook is a prerequisite for accessing Outlook PST files.
  2. The methods are beyond the comprehension of non-technical individuals.
  3. When employing the manual approach, the password must be individually removed from each PST file.

Scenario 2: If you recall the password, extract it from the PST file.

Additionally accessible, albeit exclusive to Outlook 2010, this option necessitates knowledge of the previous password to operate.

If you are unable to recall your password, apply one of the two methods described previously.

  1. Proceed to the Account Settings page via the File menu, followed by Account Settings.
  2. Proceed to the Settings page after selecting the.pst file extension option under the Data Files heading.
  3. Alter the password in the newly generated window. To do so, select the Change Password option.

Final Words

Both manual and automatic methods for Outlook Password Extraction from PST Files were discussed in this article. Nevertheless, the manual method is time-consuming and does not consistently yield precise outcomes. As a result, a password-protected Outlook PST file can be readily accessible via a direct instrument in this instance.

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