Order Food in Train: A Convenient Dining Experience

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Ordering food while travelling by train has become increasingly popular due to its convenience and the wide array of options available to passengers. Gone are the days when one had to rely solely on pantry car offerings or limited station vendors. Now, with the advent of technology and various food delivery services order food in train, passengers can enjoy a diverse range of cuisines right from their seats.

The Convenience of Ordering Food in Train

The ability to  order food in train offers immense convenience to passengers, especially during long journeys. It eliminates the need to carry homemade meals or depend solely on train pantry services, which may not always cater to individual preferences or dietary requirements.

Options for Ordering Food in Train

There are several options available for passengers when it comes to ordering food in train:

Online Food Delivery Platforms: Platforms like  TravelKhana, RailRestro, and Zoop provide a vast selection of restaurants and cuisines to choose from, allowing passengers to order meals of their choice and have them delivered directly to their seats.

IRCTC E-Catering Services: The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) offers e-catering services, allowing passengers to pre-order meals from a curated list of restaurants at select stations. These meals are delivered to the passenger’s seat during their journey.

Local Vendors and Pantry Cars: In addition to external vendors, many trains also have pantry cars that offer a variety of meals and snacks. Passengers can purchase food directly from these vendors on board.

Factors to Consider When Ordering Food in Train

Before placing an order, passengers should consider several factors:

Quality and Hygiene: It’s essential to ensure that the food is prepared in a hygienic environment and meets safety standards to avoid any health issues during the journey.

Menu Options and Preferences: Different passengers have varying dietary preferences and restrictions. It’s crucial to choose a service that offers a wide range of menu options to cater to everyone’s needs.

Budget and Pricing: While ordering food in train is convenient, it’s essential to consider the pricing and ensure that it fits within one’s budget, especially for long journeys.

How to Order Food in Train

Ordering food in train is a straightforward process:

Using Online Platforms: Passengers can browse through various online platforms, select their desired meals, and place orders by providing their train details and seat numbers.

Through IRCTC: For passengers traveling on trains with e-catering services, orders can be placed directly through the IRCTC website or mobile app by entering the PNR number and selecting from the available options.

Directly from Vendors: Passengers can also choose to purchase food directly from pantry cars or local vendors at select stations during their journey.

Tips for a Smooth Ordering Experience

To ensure a hassle-free dining experience, passengers should keep the following tips in mind:

Plan Ahead: It’s advisable to plan meals in advance, especially for long journeys, to avoid any last-minute rush or inconvenience.

Check Reviews: Before placing an order, it’s helpful to read reviews and ratings of restaurants and vendors to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Communicate Clearly: Provide accurate details such as train number, seat number, and delivery preferences to avoid any confusion or delays in receiving the order.

Benefits of Ordering Food in Train

Ordering food in train offers several benefits to passengers:

Fresh and Hot Meals: With options for on-demand delivery, passengers can enjoy freshly prepared meals delivered directly to their seats, ensuring they are hot and ready to eat.

Wide Variety: From local delicacies to international cuisines, ordering food in train provides a diverse range of options to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Time-Saving: Instead of waiting at stations or relying on pantry services, passengers can save time by pre-ordering meals and having them delivered during the journey.

Avoiding Unhealthy Options: By opting for healthier meal choices available through online platforms, passengers can avoid consuming unhealthy snacks or packaged foods during their journey.

Challenges and Solutions

Despite its convenience, ordering food in train may come with some challenges:

Delivery Delays: Sometimes, due to various reasons such as weather conditions or logistical issues, there may be delays in food delivery. In such cases, it’s essential to stay patient and track the order status for updates.

Language Barriers: Communication with vendors or delivery personnel may sometimes be challenging due to language differences. Passengers can overcome this by using translation apps or opting for services with multilingual support.

Payment Options: While most online platforms offer multiple payment options, including cash on delivery and digital payments, it’s essential to ensure that the chosen method is convenient and secure.

Customer Satisfaction and Feedback

Feedback from passengers plays a crucial role in improving the quality of food and services:

Importance of Feedback: Passengers are encouraged to provide feedback on their dining experience, including food quality, delivery punctuality, and overall satisfaction, to help vendors and platforms improve their services.

Addressing Issues: In case of any issues or concerns regarding the food or service, passengers should reach out to the respective platform or vendor for resolution and feedback.


Ordering food in train offers passengers a convenient and enjoyable dining experience during their journey. With a variety of options available through online platforms, IRCTC e-catering services, and local vendors, passengers can satisfy their cravings and dietary preferences without leaving their seats. By considering factors such as quality online food order in train, menu options, and budget, and following tips for a smooth ordering experience, passengers can make the most of their train journey with delicious and satisfying meals.


  1. Can I order food in train for multiple passengers?
    • Yes, most online platforms allow you to place orders for multiple passengers traveling together. Simply provide the details of all passengers while placing the order.
  2. Are there vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available for ordering food in train?
    • Online platforms and IRCTC e-catering services offer a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to cater to different dietary preferences.
  3. What should I do if my food is not delivered on time?
    • If there are any delays in food delivery, you can track the status of your order through the respective platform or contact customer support for assistance.
  4. Can I customize my meal according to my preferences or dietary restrictions?
    • Yes, many platforms allow you to customize your meal by specifying any special instructions or dietary restrictions while placing the order.
  5. Are there any additional charges for ordering food in train?
    • While some platforms may charge a nominal delivery fee, the prices of meals are generally inclusive of all charges. However, it’s advisable to check the terms and conditions of the platform before placing


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