How to Divide Outlook PST File in Trouble-Free Way?


Would you like to divide Outlook PST file? Yes, then read this article to learn how to break a huge PST file into manageable chunks.

Are you looking for other ways to divide an Outlook PST file? True? After that, all you have to do is read the article through to the conclusion to learn several methods for splitting huge Outlook PST files. The PST file is used by the Outlook email program to store all of the email messages, tasks, notes, diaries, and a lot more. However, the amount of data that may be saved in PST files is limited by the file size. According to recent revisions, Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and PST files can store 50 GB of data.

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Expert Software for Dividing an Outlook PST File

One well-liked tool for efficiently splitting huge PST files is the DataVare Outlook PST Splitter Tool. It offers several sophisticated tools for splitting Outlook PST files. This tool allows users to divide big Outlook PST files safely. Now let’s get to how the tool operates:-

  1. On your computer, download and launch the Split PST Tool.
  2. Select “Add file.” To insert the huge PST file, open the buttons.
  3. After selecting a location to save the new files, click the “Browse” option and then press the “Next” button.
  4. Choose “Split by Size” now, enter the file size, and press “Next.”
  5. The program will finally show, “The PST Files have been split properly.”

Notable Properties of Split PST Software

  1. It is not required to install the Microsoft Outlook program
  2. The program is compatible with Windows 10 and all subsequent versions.
  3. PST files can be divided by the application by sizes ranging from 1 MB to 1 TB.
  4. Permits breaking all Outlook editions’ PST files.
  5. PST files can be sorted by year, category, email address, folder, etc. by users.
  6. Allows for active PST files and split archives.
  7. Permits batch addition of PST files

These are┬ácertain of the Split PST Tool’s capabilities. Now let’s examine the manual process.

Dividing an Outlook PST file by Manual Way

  1. Downloading the Microsoft Outlook application on your computer is the first step.
  2. Select the “Account Settings” option by clicking the “File” button.
  3. Select “Data Files” and then click “Add.”
  4. Click the “OK” button after saving the document with the name and location entered.
  5. You must now close the settings for your account.
  6. Select “File >> Open” and then press “Import.”
  7. A screen will appear; choose “Export to a File” from the menu, then press the “Next” button.
  8. Hit the PST file to choose it, then press the “Next” tab.

Constraints with the Manual Process

  1. MS Outlook’s efficiency is slow down by oversized PST files.
  2. If there is insufficient or no storage space in the current files and folders, you cannot add new data to them.
  3. Users occasionally experience issues accessing the MS Outlook application’s data.
  4. Issues with data loss and corruption are particularly frequent as PST files grow in size.

To Sum Up

We have covered several methods for splitting an Outlook PST file in this post. We advise users to partition huge PST files automatically using this program. Because splitting big Outlook PST files quickly and safely is possible with this program. Users have the option to use the method that is manual as well, although we have found that it has certain limits.

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