How Long Does a CAVA Qualification Take?

If you’re aiming for a career that involves vocational assessments or if you’re considering a role as an End Point Assessor, you’ll likely need a Level 3 CAVA qualification. While this qualification is incredibly rewarding, you might be wondering, “How long does a CAVA qualification take?” This blog post aims to offer insight into the duration of the CAVA qualification process, including the associated Assessor Course, and what you can expect along the way.

Understanding the Level 3 CAVA Qualification Timeline

Typically, the duration of the Level 3 CAVA qualification varies depending on several factors, including your chosen course provider, your individual learning pace, and your ability to gather assessment evidence.

On average, full-time learners can complete their Level 3 CAVA qualification in around six months. However, for those studying part-time or those who are balancing their learning with other professional commitments, completion may take between nine months to a year. Some accelerated courses might allow completion in as little as three months, although these are intensive in nature and require a significant time commitment.

Phases of the Level 3 CAVA Course

The Level 3 CAVA qualification is a blend of theoretical learning and practical application. Let’s break down what this journey typically looks like.

1. Initial Assessment and Induction

In the initial assessment and induction phase, which usually lasts a couple of weeks, you’ll understand the program’s requirements in detail. An individual learning plan will be created based on your circumstances.

2. Theoretical Learning

During this phase, you engage in learning the foundations of the assessor’s role. You’ll have online lessons and will be expected to undertake self-study and complete assignments. This phase can last anywhere from a month to three months, depending on how quickly you progress with your assignments.

3. Gathering Practical Evidence

The third phase involves gathering and evaluating evidence of your practical assessments. As an assessor, you will need to work with at least two real learners in a real work environment. This phase can take a significant portion of your course duration and may range between two to six months.

4. External Quality Assurance (EQA)

Following successful completion of the theoretical knowledge and practical competency components, your portfolio will undergo an External Quality Assurance process. This usually lasts about a month, depending on the EQA’s schedule and availability.

The Role of the Assessor Course

The Assessor Course plays an integral part in your journey toward your Level 3 CAVA qualification. The course covers a range of modules necessary for vocational assessors, including the principles and practices of assessments, assessing vocational skills, and assessing occupational competence in the work environment. Your Assessor Course duration is encompassed within the overall timetable for your Level 3 CAVA qualification.


While the question, “How long does a CAVA qualification take?” might seem simple on the surface, the truth is that the duration varies from person to person and can be influenced by many factors. The journey towards obtaining a Level 3 CAVA qualification is a combination of diligent studying, real-life assessing, and ongoing support, all aimed at producing competent and skilled vocational assessors. To fully exploit the potential that being an End Point Assessor offers, the time invested in obtaining the Level 3 CAVA qualification is well worth it.

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