How Anime Is Replacing Cartoon Shows

How Anime Is Replacing Cartoon Shows

The trend of animations anime has been with us since our childhood. During that time cartoons were a common source of entertainment during that time. After the popularity of such cartoons & anime shows people started comparing the quality of Japanese manga with Western comics. Back in those days, Japanese comics were in demand for expensive, & were of high quality. But these Western animations were compelling for educational themes, revolving around shows that are meant for children. 

The Origin of Japanese Anime 

This movement eventually started when people usually started creating public campaigns for marketing a brand for their business. These Japanese cartoons were used for publicity slowly acquiring ads in newspapers, banners in general stores, and posters for fundraisers. In this way, Anime comics & production of such cartoons were starting to develop domestically. After a few years, this industry was continuously scuffling not able to develop more ideas & innovations. Soon enough the Japanese audiences witnessed the dawn of its first-ever talkies in the year 1929. This year a Japanese animator ‘Ofuji Noburo’ was internationally acclaimed for the film ‘The Thief of Baghdad Castle’. 

Establishment of Japan’s first Animation Company 

Ofuji Noburo’s film left a very deep imprint on the animation industry which created a wave in that era. During this year Japan had witnessed the onset of such animators one after another. Its also difficult for the Japanese animators and production houses to keep continuing as the war interfered with their work. The war impacted these workers as it affected their moods mentally & emotionally.

This unusual disruption also resulted in a shortage in short of goods & supplies to work with. During the second world, most film directors & animators produced many films to boost their soldier’s motivation. These movies were based on themes like patriotism, nationalism & Japan’s national integration. As the war ended, Japan’s General Headquarters of Allies united a group of anime artists to start an association. This association soon began to be known as Shin Nihon Dogasha or New Japan Animation Company. 

Beginning of a new era for Japanese Anime

It’s quite evident that the first Anime industry was set up during World War 2. Inspired by the movie ‘Snow White’ the President started his own company ‘Toei Animation’. As per his observation, he was impressed by the use of vibrant colors in the animation ‘Snow White’. Despite the war, the president had envisioned being as much popular as Western animation.

He could stand his claim, and started giving hits like ‘Hakujaden’, Chiisakobe, and ‘Puss in Boots’. In the past, Japan incorporated international exchange programs in Universities & educational institutions to spread its style of animations. This sort of exchange program was also helpful for learning assembly-like production influenced by Disney. Japan & its economy was still recovering from the impact of the war. Letting the bright & talented employees work for less wages to keep the market stable. 

The Emergence of Tv Shows & Animes 

Japanese animations & Tv shows started appearing in the year 1913. The first anime was ‘Astro Boy, it was a Fuji-based Animated show. It Gradually becomes popular by making it a massive hit. From then & there the foundation of the Animation industry grew stronger. This show even waged a competition between all the television shows from various channels. Although ‘Tezuka Osuma’ found himself stuck in a very difficult situation. He saw that very less money was paid for this franchise as well as to the studio. Being the president of the reputation of Mushi Production he wisely cut production costs for that show. 

Where to stream such Retro Based Anime shows

  • Netflix
  • Animixplay
  • Crunchyroll
  • Hidive
  • Omgflix
  • Retrocrush 

Final Verdict     

After the drastic rise of Manga & anime culture, it had been able to attract more young adult aged audiences. Some countries have declared it as alarming as they believe it could ruin their young generation. Some parents also reported this eye-pleasing culture inappropriate because it portrays embellish, violent, & sexually explicit elements.

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