Exploring Sikkim State Lottery Schemes: Daily, Weekly, and Bumper Draws

Sikkim State Lottery Schemes

Lotteries have long been a source of excitement and hope for people looking to try their luck and win big. Among the various state lotteries in India, the Sikkim State Lottery stands out for its diverse range of schemes, offering daily, weekly, and bumper draws. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Sikkim State Lottery schemes, exploring their offerings, how to participate online, and the potential impact on the lives of the winners.

1. Understanding the Sikkim State Lottery

The Sikkim State Lottery is an initiative by the Government of Sikkim to raise funds for various public welfare programs and initiatives. It is regulated by the Directorate of State Lotteries and is known for its transparency and credibility. The lottery has gained popularity not only among the residents of Sikkim but also among players from other states due to its attractive prize structure and fair play.

2. Different Lottery Schemes

The Sikkim State Lottery offers a wide range of schemes, catering to different preferences and budgets of players. Let’s explore the three main categories of lottery draws:

a) Daily Draws

1. Dear Morning: Held in the morning, this daily draw provides players with an opportunity to win exciting cash prizes. Participants eagerly await the results, and winners are announced through various channels.

2. Dear Day: This lottery draw takes place during the daytime, offering a chance to win substantial cash rewards. It appeals to those who prefer trying their luck in the afternoon.

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3. Dear Evening: The evening draw is the last of the daily lotteries and is immensely popular among players who enjoy participating in the evening.

b) Weekly Draws

1. Dear Weekly Lottery: Apart from the daily draws, the Sikkim State Lottery also conducts weekly lotteries that provide bigger prize pools. These draws are held on specific days of the week and offer participants a chance to win significant amounts of money.

2. Singam Great Evening Weekly Lottery: This exciting weekly lottery draw takes place in the evening and has garnered a considerable fan base among players.

c) Bumper Draws

1. Dasara Bumper: Celebrated during the festival of Dasara, this bumper draw is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year. The prize amounts are exceptionally high, and the lottery tickets for this draw sell out quickly.

2. New Year Bumper: To ring in the new year with joy and prosperity, the Sikkim State Lottery holds the New Year Bumper draw, offering life-changing prizes.

3. Participating in Sikkim State Lottery Online

With the advancement of technology, participating in the Sikkim State Lottery has become more accessible and convenient. The government has introduced online platforms where players can purchase lottery tickets from the comfort of their homes. To participate in the Sikkim State Lottery online play, follow these steps:

1. Choose a Reputable Lottery Website: Look for authorized websites or mobile applications that offer Sikkim State Lottery tickets online. Ensure that the platform is trustworthy and secure.

2. Create an Account: Register on the chosen platform by providing the required details. This may include your name, email address, and phone number.

3. Add Funds to Your Account: To buy lottery tickets, you need to add funds to your online account. Reputable platforms support various payment methods, making the process hassle-free.

4. Select the Lottery Draw: Browse through the available lottery draws, such as daily, weekly, or bumper draws. Choose the one you wish to participate in.

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5. Pick Your Numbers: Once you’ve selected the draw, pick your lucky numbers. Alternatively, you can opt for a quick pick, where the system generates random numbers for you.

6. Purchase the Ticket: After selecting your numbers, proceed to purchase the ticket using the funds available in your account.

7. Confirmation and Results: After the draw, you will receive a confirmation email or notification if you win any prize. The results are also posted on the official Sikkim State Lottery website.

4. Impact of Sikkim State Lottery on Society

The Sikkim State Lottery not only offers the potential to win exciting prizes but also plays a crucial role in the betterment of society. Some of the positive impacts of the lottery are:

1. Funding Public Welfare Programs: The revenue generated from the lottery goes towards funding various welfare initiatives, including education, healthcare, and infrastructure development, benefiting the residents of Sikkim.

2. Employment Opportunities: The lottery operations create employment opportunities for many individuals, ranging from ticket sellers to administrative staff, thereby contributing to the local economy.

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3. Supporting Charitable Causes: A portion of the lottery proceeds is often allocated to charitable organizations, providing support to those in need and promoting social welfare.

4. Boosting Tourism: The Sikkim State Lottery attracts tourists from across the country who visit the state to try their luck. This influx of tourists benefits the hospitality and tourism industries.


The Sikkim State Lottery offers an exciting and transparent platform for players to try their luck and win enticing prizes. With its daily, weekly, and bumper draws, the lottery caters to various preferences and budgets, making it popular among people from all walks of life. The online availability of lottery tickets has further increased accessibility, allowing players to participate from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, the positive impact of the lottery on society, through funding welfare programs and supporting charitable causes, makes it a significant contributor to the overall development of the state. So, if you’re feeling lucky, why not try your hand at the Sikkim State Lottery online and see if fortune smiles upon you!

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