5 Best Tips for Onsite Badge Printing for Events

onsite badge printing

For in-person events like conferences, exhibitions, etc. badge printing can be an important aspect because it can help in streamlining event management. With the use of onsite badge printing for events, many of the processes can be handled without any hecticness. There are multiple benefits of using this smart tech solution like enhanced check-ins, reduced errors, and more. Using event badge printing is a cost-effective way that can help in improving overall efficiency and productivity. With improved security and giving the best experience to the attendees.

In this blog, we will discuss the best tips for using event badging & check-in and how it can help in enhancing the experience.

What Is the Purpose of Onsite Badge Printing?

For any onsite event badge printing, the main purpose is to label each individual that has taken part in the event. With their name, photo, role, and designation to identify the staff, attendees, or organizers. Event badge printing has also been considered as a way of branding, where each individual carries your brand and logo. Which is a cost-effective way and can help in saving a lot of time also. Onsite badge printing works in such a way that it allows to print high-quality labels with speed and accuracy. Additionally, allowing you to provide custom-printed event badges to enhance the attendee experience.

Create a Perfect Event With Onsite Badge Printing

The first and most important thing that is remembered by an organizer is to create the first impression by giving the best experience to the attendees. After the event registration, which is a tedious task, managing the crowd at the time of check-in is much more complex and hectic. To help reduce the stress from organizers and give a streamlined experience to attendees, here are the best tips for onsite badge printing for events.

Using an Onsite Badge Printing Kiosk

With the use of onsite badge printing for events, the experience can be enhanced, and it will change the way you think about them. The first thing that should come to mind is whether they should be printed before or at the event. Printing them before the event can be an irritating and tiring task for the staff, as they have to shift through the tables in search of a particular badge. Nowadays, so many organizers are using onsite event badge printing and digital check-ins to streamline the process. It helps in reducing the waiting time for the attendees and staff to focus on other preparations. And they can enjoy the experience of greeting and engaging with the attendees and event instead of searching for the badges.

Give a Contactless Printing Experience

Most of the event badge printing solutions don’t provide a contactless experience. Providing a contactless printing option can be a great way to enhance the attendee experience. After the attendees have done the registration with an online form or mobile app for events. They will receive a QR code pr printed receipt on their phones or by mail. Using that, they can simply follow the kiosk and get it scanned to print the badge. With this, they can experience a contactless way of printing the badge without touching the kiosk. This will improve the safety and hygiene of the attendees, which will help in creating a great impression.

Design Some Great Kiosk Graphics

Keep the design of the kiosk or badge printer simple and easy to understand so that when the attendees come, they know exactly what to do. You do not want to confuse them with unnecessary graphics, wording, or images. For the onsite event badge printing, choose the image that will draw attention to the kiosk. You can even provide a guideboard near it to make it easy for them and follow the process. Remember to keep the start or check-in button big enough for them to easily find. Also, you can customize it with a welcome note for the event and when they are done finishing the event badge printing. Make sure there is a ‘thank-you’ message with other necessary information.

Integrate Qr Codes Experience

An important tip to execute during the onsite event badge printing is QR codes. The first thing that the attendee will notice and read is the name and his details. Make sure the QR code for events is well printed and is not on the back side of the badge. Add it with the other attendee details because it can be used as access control with other necessary information. For example, during conference badge printing, the QR code can act as an information tool. So when the attendees are networking with each other, they can scan the code. And access the details of each other related to business, organization, or their website, etc.

Late Arrivals and Eliminating Errors

Having access to onsite badge printing for events offers you the ability to reduce errors. Like, during the registration process, if the attendee has mistakenly entered some wrong information about himself or there is an error in the name or anything. With the benefit of onsite event badge printing, they can get the details checked and eliminate errors. And if someone is arriving late to the event, or after it has started, and they still want to attend. With onsite badge printing, you can provide them the entry, this will also help in generating extra revenue with minimal effort after the event starts. This also provides the benefit and flexibility to provide custom-printed event badges so that you can impress your attendees.


Using onsite badge printing for events whether small or large or of any kind from conferences, and exhibitions to trade shows. It is a great way to enhance the attendee experience and leave an impression. There are many great benefits of using this smart tech solution for events and are very cost-effective. They help in saving the cost of the event by reducing the errors to reprint the badges. And with an event badge printing solution, the staff can focus on other important event preparations. Also, attendees can have a great check-in experience and won’t have to wait in long queues. Using onsite event badge printing can help in improving the overall event security and enhance the experience.

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