Bajaj CT 110X – The Best Specifications in 2023

Bajaj CT 110X

Bajaj’s CT range consisted of the CT 110 and the CT 100. Bajaj still offers the former; however, the latter is out of production due to low market demand.

This post in the following sections will illuminate the Unique Selling Points of the Bajaj CT 110X. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

The new Bajaj CT 110

The CT 110 model is currently offered in a single trim known as X. The bike also entails three enticing colour schemes.

The Bajaj CT 110 X – an overview

Bajaj bikes have always been hailed for their reliability and reasonable prices. The CT 110 X is no exception. The rural market-focused commuter bike is offered all across India with the ex-showroom price of just Rs 67,558. Furthermore, Bajaj’s two-wheeler finance wing also offers several loan schemes designed for this model. This makes the CT 110 the most affordable commuter bike with a 115 CC engine.

The CT 110 X has a dry weight of just 127 kg and has a long wheelbase. The long wheelbase lets the bike have a spacious single-piece seat. There is enough room for the rider and their pillion companion. One would also have enough room for that occasional second pillion rider. Bajaj has also equipped the CT 110 with additional rear footrests for convenience.

The front and rear fenders of the bike have been raised to make room for the additional front and rear suspension travel. The latest iteration of the CT 110 comes with a revised headlight cowl that houses an integrated LED DRL. Bajaj has also equipped the bike with handlebar braces and a luggage rack at the back of the motorcycle. The handlebar braces and the luggage rack are part of the OEM standard package and are not sold as accessories.

The Bajaj CT 110X also has an engine guard and a sump guard. Powering the CT 110 X is a 115 cc single-cylinder fuel-injected air-cooled BS6-compliant engine. The engine’s peak power and torque outputs are 8.48 bhp and 9.81 Nm, respectively. The engine is mated to a 4-speed transmission and a wet multi-plate clutch.

The power delivery of the engine is linear. The low-RPM torque, however, could have been better, but this is a 115 CC bike with a 4-speed transmission. One cannot and should not expect more from a budget-focused bike, right!?

The overall refinement of the engine is impressive. However, one cannot miss the high NVH levels of the engine when the speedometer has surpassed the 100 KMPH mark. This issue could have been solved if Bajaj chose to add a fifth gear in the transmission of the CT 110 X.1

Overall road behaviour

The CT 110 X rides on soft long travel suspensions and has a reinforced rear swingarm. The purpose-built chassis also helps this motorcycle to conquer bad patches of rural roads. The bike remains impressively stable on corners, straight lines and during traffic overtakes. The riding triangle of the bike is perfect for long commutes through narrow rural roads.

The CT 110 X also does an impressive job as a daily city commuter bike. The occasional weekend trips to Agra or Gurgaon would also be quite comfortable. On top of this, the 70 KMPL mileage also means that one would not spend a lot of money to run and own this bike.

Does it make sense to buy the CT 110 X in 2023?

Buying the CT 110 X makes sense, as this is the perfect bike for beginners. Furthermore, the CT 110 X offers a comfortable ride on city roads and rural streets. On top of this, the motorcycle is reasonably priced and entails low ownership costs. For more details, please contact the nearest Bajaj bike dealership today.

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