An Important Conversation About Lifeguard classes near me

Lifeguard classes near me

The lifeguard classes near me create more safety. Summer has come to Virginia , and the lifeguards are preparing for the swimming season. Although it’s fun at the beaches, it’s always a good idea to be on top of safety. Choose a beach where there are lifeguards who can guide you with good advice and help. The lifeguard is responsible both for rescuing and providing first aid, as well as for informing.

There are 59 beaches where there are lifeguards.

The lifeguards’ goal is to dress you so well that you can enjoy a wonderful beach trip without having to be rescued. Work has been done on bathing safety for the past 21 years, which has led to a positive development, where  have become smarter about how to behave on beaches.

It is also important to learn the 5 bathing tips so that you know how to avoid accidents more easily. They tell you how to get around on the beaches and what to pay particular attention to. By learning the 5 bathing tips, you can more easily feel safe and enjoy both being by the water and in the water.

The 5 bathing tips:

Learn to swim

If you can swim it is easier to save others and yourself from drowning. If you can’t swim but still go in the water, choose a beach where the water conditions are calm and where you can sink.

Never go into the water alone

If more people go into the water, there is greater safety for everyone. When there are more of you, you can help more quickly if something goes wrong and keep an eye on each other more easily. It is important not to play too dangerously in the water and not to shout for help for fun.

Read the wind and the water

Always use common sense and check what the water looks like before entering it. You must check the depth of the water, current conditions and the direction of the wind. Swimming animals and air mattresses quickly drift out to sea in offshore winds, which also increases the risk of firemen’s presence. There is a greater risk of sinkholes with strong outflow in onshore winds.

Get to know the beach

If you come to a beach that you do not know, find out about the special conditions of the beach by either asking a lifeguard or one of the locals before going into the water. A beach can be full of unnecessary surprises. It is important to read the beach’s information signs.

Do not let the children out of your sight

Stay close to your children so that you can hear and see each other at all times. Then you can react quickly if something unexpected happens. Even older children who can swim well must be closely watched.
‘Is that lifeguard following me? What a creep

I looked around, the lifeguard was gone. The children tried out the slides, I took a look outside. That strange lifeguard suddenly stood in front of me like a devil from a box. Was he following me again? What a creep. I quickly walked back to my husband and sat on the bench next to him

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