All About the Best CBSE School That Every Parent Must Know

best Indian schools in Japan

Why is CBSE a popular board? Why are CBSE Schools considered to be the best?  

We will cover all of that in this article, so do not skip and read through to get detailed information.

About CBSE 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was reconstituted on 1st July 1962 in New Delhi and is controlled by the Government of India. Through all these years, CBSE has evolved tremendously and has set a good standard of education in India and Internationally. 

  • A certificate from the CBSE is recognized all over the world
  • The curriculum is challenging and rigorous enough to keep children active and helps in developing many skills.
  • CBSE students get an edge over others. Students crack the important entrance exams after class 12th as most of the syllabus is based out of the CBSE curriculum.
  • CBSE board is recognised worldwide helping students to pursue their studies in top universities abroad.
  • It is beneficial for students whose parents are in transferable jobs as they can easily switch anywhere in India or abroad 

The CBSE board is a comprehensive and balanced curriculum that focuses on science and math subjects mainly to develop critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills. It also has humanities and management courses essential for 21st-century kids. 

Best CBSE School Prepares Students Highly Competitive Exams

The entrance examinations to top universities are based on the CBSE curriculum and exam questions are set from the NCERT books. You will see most of the top-notchers of the IIT-JEE, AIPMT, and AIEEE come from the best Indian schools in Japan.

Prepare Students for the Higher Studies and Successful future

CBSE Board prepares students for life, they set their foundations by building knowledge and skills. If your child aspires to enter the field of engineering, and medicine, then CBSE Schools are perfect.

Promotes experiential learning approach

The CBSE curriculum has changed a lot over the years in terms of methodology. Rote learning is history. The board believes that students should gain experience through the application of knowledge in real life and should not focus on memorizing concepts.

What are CBSE Japan School’s prime areas of focus?

  • Student-friendly curriculum focusing on effective innovations in teaching and learning methodologies.
  • Fair evaluation processes 
  • Regular training programmes and workshops for teachers to upgrade their knowledge or to know the latest happening in education technology so that they can meet students’ current needs.

Interesting Facts of  CBSE

  • In CBSE, Grade 9 is more important and tough than Grade 10 as it lays the fundamentals for Grade 10.
  • CBSE has both mediums English and Hindi
  • CBSE Board is tough than State’s board
  • Approximately 24000 schools are affiliated with CBSE in India and 240 schools in 26 countries across the world.
  • CBSE has incorporated International Standard so that the students from abroad too can apply.
  • The CBSE curriculum is often updated in order to keep it informative and relevant to the changing times. 
  • CBSE aims to keep the learning process fun in order to achieve a fruitful teaching-learning experience. 
  • CBSE board results have a higher rate of success compared to other boards..
  • The board allows students from affiliated and non-affiliated schools (private) students to appear for exams.
  • Best CBSE Schools always try innovative approaches for the betterment of the students thus helping them to learn communication, analytics and social skills as electives.
  • CBSE board aims to provide overall development i.e beyond the classroom experience.
  • CBSE board encourages students to participate in various extracurricular activities, in order to ensure proper balance of mental and physical development. 


Presentation Matters

The Examiner also looks for good presentations such as clear and neat handwriting, well-drawn diagrams, etc. Therefore, ensure that you keep these in mind when you are answering the questions.


Use diagrams wherever possible as it will help examiners to understand your answer in an easy way.


Use pointers in big answers or wherever possible as it gives readers an easy and fast way to read. Keep it simple.

Attempt Answer

Attempting an answer is always best, even if you do not know. Try to write an answer in your words with a basic understanding of the concept as it might help you bag some points and if you are too lucky you might even get more than what is expected. So do attempt to answer but write content related to the concept and avoid writing anything just for the sake of it.

Other Tips

Practice more and more papers from the previous years. 

Use smart learning methods to remember the concepts and materials for longer


CBSE provides a  great learning experience to students which works with a vision of overall development (academics and extracurricular activities) enhancing the student’s skill set. 

As a parent, you may struggle to find the best for your child when it comes to the curriculum but choosing the right International School like Japan School will make your job easier. So do check proper affiliation, resources and facilities in order to best educate your child. 

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