5 Ways to Make Your MacBook Last as Long as Possible

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Because they are expensive, many individuals buy MacBooks as investments for their professional and social life. They often survive longer than other computers, but only if you take good care of them. This article is for you if you recently purchased a Mac and want it to endure as long as possible.

We’ll go through every action you can take to prolong the life of your MacBook. The instructions on our list cover how to take care of the battery, the chassis, and the software.

1. Make the Most of Your Purchase Budget

The software you use on your computer, including the operating system and any downloaded third-party programs, tends to get bigger and use more disk space over time. This implies that the same programs that, for instance, use up 2GB of storage space now would require 2.5–3GB of space in a few years.

As a result, the same program takes up more and more of your laptop’s limited storage space, slowing it down.

By making the most of your money and purchasing the version with larger storage, you can future-proof your MacBook. For MacBook Repair related Problems you can Visit on iMac Repair Dubai shop. The expense of adding RAM and SSD on a Mac may make this an unpleasant decision, but it’s still less expensive than purchasing a new Mac a few years down the road.

2. Implement protective cases

Protect the MacBook’s chassis once you have it with you. The chassis, the screen, and the keyboard are the three essential components here:

  • Apply a screen protector to prevent scratches on the screen; Supershieldz makes a wonderful screen protector.
  • Finally, get a keyboard cover for the keyboard. These can shield your keys from scratches and other damage.

The most crucial factor in extending the lifespan of a MacBook is physical protection. There are other actions you may take, albeit the list is not all-inclusive, to secure the physical security of your MacBook. Do anything you believe will save the laptop from suffering physical harm.

3. Carefully handle your MacBook

Even with snap-on covers and tough sleeves, your MacBook might still sustain damage. Even so, moving it around should still be done carefully to prevent more damage from bad treatment over time.

For instance, a rough lid opening may not cause immediate harm to the MacBook, but habitual lid opening may cause the hinges to progressively weaken.

The lesson here is to always handle the MacBook carefully. This includes avoiding situations where it could be damaged or get wet, such as leaving it near a drink or on the edge of a table.

4. Take Care with the Battery

If used properly, MacBook batteries are great and easily last more than five years. Contrary to common perception, the key is to maintain your MacBook charged between 30 and 80%. This means you shouldn’t let the battery completely discharge or leave it plugged in all the time.
This method conserves battery power, maintains a low cycle count, and, most significantly, maintains a high charge capacity. In general, a battery remains healthier the fewer cycles it has. For MacBook Display & Battery Related Problems, you can call a MacBook repair firm in Dubai.


Additionally, look for strategies to extend the battery life of your MacBook, such as switching to Safari from Google Chrome and tweaking battery settings. The lifespan of your MacBook is greatly impacted by maintaining the battery.


Using genuine chargers to power your MacBook is another essential step in extending its lifespan. Here’s why using third-party chargers might be dangerous:

  • They don’t have the security components that Apple adds to its chargers.
  • When connected, they cause your MacBook to run more slowly.
  • Due to their lower quality than the original adapters that Apple provides with the MacBook, they run a greater danger of igniting or sparking.

If the original charger is damaged or lost, be sure you get the authentic Apple replacement charger or look for a used one.



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