3 Free Tips to Convert OST to PST Online – 2023


If you utilize Outlook, you will find this blog to be really beneficial. Here, we walk you through some quick techniques for converting OST to PST. You are going to learn about other facets of OST to PST conversion in addition to that. To learn three free methods for converting OST to PST, read this post.

OST and PST Files: What Are They?

Microsoft Outlook data files are both OST and PST files. They use a local disk for storing the mailbox data. They have different purposes, thus you can’t utilize them consistently.

Offline Storage Files are referred to as OST files. It is a system replica of the information in your Outlook inbox. Multiple Outlook problems will occur if this file becomes corrupted.

Outlook PST files, however, serve as the backup file. Your system will store an Outlook backup in PST file format when you generate one. In the event of file damage, this is the best file type for sharing and recovering data from your Outlook mailbox.

What Makes PST Files Superior to OST Files?

  • I’m sure you’re thinking if PST files are superior to OST files. However, there isn’t a definite response to this query. It is dependent on the context in which the data file is used.
  • OST files work well if you require an offline duplicate of your mailbox without using up more space. But PST is a better option than OST for sharing and backup needs.
  • PST files from Outlook are more dependable than OST files in terms of longevity. Additionally, there are other justifications for OST file conversion to PST file format.

Is Online OST to PST File Conversion Necessary?

If you asked me, there are several reasons to save your Outlook data file locally, thus I would advise you to make a backup of the information in your Outlook mailbox. Online OST to PST file conversion becomes advantageous for you in a number of ways. Let’s examine a few primary causes.

  • You won’t be able to view your emails if you remove your Outlook data file from the Exchange server. Consequently, backing up your data aids in data restoration.
  • If you wish to discuss your mailbox data with other people, you will need to download your emails. You cannot get this information from an OST or offline Outlook file.
  • PST files have the advantage of being more resilient than OST files. Therefore, the likelihood of file corruption is minimal.

We have already discussed what Outlook data files are and why you should convert from OST to PST. Now then. We’ll discover how you can download your Microsoft Outlook PST mailbox.

Free Advice to Transfer OST to PST for Free

1. Outlook Import-Export Option to Convert OST File to PST:

This is the most straightforward and efficient method for storing Outlook data as a PST file on your computer. We demonstrate how to use the Import/Export feature to create a data backup.

  • Launch the Outlook program and choose the File menu.
  • Select the Open & Export tab and then hit on the Import/Export options after that.
  • Choose the Export to a file option from the Import and Export Wizard. Select Next.
  • Click the Next button after selecting the Outlook Data File (.pst).
  •  Next, select a specific mailbox folder and click Finish.
  •  Select a custom saving place for the backup file by pressing Browse and click Finish.

2. Turn on the Auto-Archive Function to Transform OST Files into Outlook PST

With Outlook’s auto-archive function, you can perform mailbox backups and convert OST files to PST regularly. Therefore, you must always manually move your emails. The instructions for turning on Outlook’s Auto-Archive are listed below:

  • Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer.
  • Select the File option from the menu bar now.
  • Next, choose the Options tab from the menu on the left.
  • Select the Advanced tab in the Choices wizard.
  •  Next, click the Auto Archive Settings button.
  • Select the preferred values for the AutoArchive Frequency and other details.
  • Lastly, press the OK button to finish the process.
  1. Professional OST To PST Converter

These are the two online OST to PST conversion solutions offered by Microsoft Outlook. If you are a new user and cannot follow the above instructions, utilize the expert GainTools OST to PST Converter.

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Check this video to know more about it’s function and working process.  

In summary

We have now covered three distinct free methods for converting OST to PST. Outlook offers two alternatives for you to choose from. Make use of the Auto archive or import/export functions. You’re able to successfully export your Outlook files in PST file format with these two.

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