Top 5 Restaurant Uniform Companies in New York

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No matter whether you are the owner of a famous restaurant a small café or a bar. You have to provide custom restaurant uniforms to your staff. Because they not only keep your staff safe and protected from hazards. It also allows them to work comfortably and efficiently. In addition to this, customized chef uniforms create a good first impression on the clients and go to customers.

Mostly, restaurants are always upgrading their staff uniforms in order to freshen their image and continue to wow their clients. So, just plan to outfit your hospitality group with new trends in the market. To keep ahead of the competition, you must be aware of a few trends. Different companies in New York are leading the industry. Such as ApparelnBags, The Happy Chef, OK Uniforms Co., Tilit, Bragard USA, and so on. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best companies in New York producing the best waitstaff uniforms.


ApparelnBags is a top-rated customization company in New York. If you want to increase the credibility of your restaurant, then logo-embroidered restaurant uniforms are all you want. It not only gives you a sophisticated appearance but also elevates the experience of the customers at your restaurant. Go to ApparelnBags and get your required waitstaff uniforms along with the customization you desire. It is the leading provider of restaurant apparel of different sizes, colors, and styles. Most importantly they provide a very good fabric at reasonable prices. So, visit them to get quality restaurant uniforms.

OK Uniform

OK Uniform is a well-known uniform retailer that has been in business for almost 75 years. Morris Cohen created the OK Uniform Company in 1938. It is now in its fourth generation of family members. The company seeks to be the ultimate uniform dealer, with both a storefront and an online business. Their sales professionals travel around the mid-Atlantic region to bring their uniforms to the clients. Their company employees also come to your place of business to examine your needs and give recommendations based on your industry, number of employees, budget, and any other requirements. In addition to this, they also provide further services like logo embroidered restaurant uniforms, patches, and screen printing. Their philosophy is based on quick turnarounds and excellent service. OK Uniform takes pride in providing excellent customer service that distinguishes them from other market competitors.


Tilit provides high-quality work apparel for chefs, cooks, and hospitality workers. They design uniforms for professionals in the current sector. The outstanding chef and restaurant uniform business Tilit Chef Goods has transformed the aesthetics of workwear. It provides elegant custom restaurant uniforms in New York that smoothly transfer from the stove to the streets. Additionally, they have a large inventory of chef coats, jackets, pants, aprons, work shirts, hotel uniforms, and much more! Not only this, but they also design amazing seasonal styles that provide comfort, durability, and practicality in mind. Besides this, they help to cater to the requirements of your restaurant, hotel, or business. Visit Tilt’s chef and restaurant uniform store in New York City. You can also browse their online kitchen wear and chef clothes store for a complete variety of uniforms and apparel.

Bragard USA

Bragard has served over 80 years in the field of culinary, catering, and hotel. It has been recognized as a leader in professional attire for chefs. French savoir-faire works hand in hand with a capacity for invention and inventiveness. Bragard is providing its services to the most demanding professionals. It is maintaining a balance of tradition, modernity, and quality. Since the company is sensitive to the diversity of cooks, therefore it shares with them a love for a well-done job. Along with this the company also feels pride in reflecting an excellent piece of its French history.

B. Schlesinger & Sons Uniforms

Schlesinger’s Uniforms, founded in 1898, is a New York institution. They are the industry leader in custom-made uniforms, serving New York City’s uniform needs. Such as NYPD Police Uniforms, Medical Uniforms, Security Uniforms, Hospitality Industry Uniforms, Postal Uniforms, and Uniforms Footwear. For four generations, it has been producing high-quality work gear. Their personalized uniforms have served the city in a variety of capacities and have appeared in a number of Broadway performances, NYC television series, and movies.

Final Thought

If you want to make your chefs look as good as your food, get the services of these companies. These outfits will help your employees to look professional while also raising their confidence. These companies will understand every unique requirement of your restaurant. Although not all brands and companies have the same budget, therefore you can visit ApparelnBags. They are offering a full range of logo-embroidered restaurant uniforms and custom restaurant uniforms in New York. Not only this, this online store makes sure that the fabric is comfortable enough. So that you can complete your long-hour shifts with ease and comfort.

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