Maximizing Your Investments: A Comprehensive Guide to Using a SIP Calculator

SIP calculator

The SIP calculator is a simulation tool that enables you to predict the return on mutual fund investments made using the SIP method. A common investment choice for many people in India is mutual fund today. SIP calculator is made to offer future investors with information about their mutual fund investments. However, the actual return from the mutual fund scheme fluctuates based on a number of variables. SIP calculator is an online tool that determines the amount needed to reach your financial objectives based on an anticipated yearly return. 

Using the SIP Calculator provided on numerous fund house portals and/or applications makes it simple for the investor to maximizing their Investments.

In order to calculate SIP returns, compound interest is used. The SIP calculator will calculate your desired return for you once you enter your preferred monthly investment amount and the number of years to invest. The SIP calculator also evaluates the performance of your SIP in comparison to other investment options, such as fixed deposits. To get the return on a SIP investment, use the formula below in a SIP calculator.

FV = P [(1+i) ^n-1] * (1+i)/iFV 


  • P = Amount of invest investment
  • i = rate of return
  • n = Investment period in months
  • r = Anticipated rate of return

A Comprehensive Guide to Using a SIP Calculator: 

An investor can create investment plans more quickly with the use of the SIP calculator. Otherwise, hand-calculating the formula could look complicated and increase the likelihood of error. However, an investor can obtain precise findings from a SIP calculator that they can utilize to make wise investing decisions. And once you enter all the information on the sip return calculator, you might receive the result immediately. You don’t need to interrupt your regular work to examine your investments when you have a straightforward dashboard at your disposal. Investment monitoring becomes straightforward, quick, and easy with the SIP calculator.

Steps to Use a SIP Calculator: 

To use a SIP calculator, follow these general instructions:

  1. Put the amount you want to invest regularly in this field in the SIP calculator.
  2. Decide on the investment schedule (monthly, quarterly, etc.).
  3. Put in the anticipated rate of return on investment.
  4. Specify the investment horizon (in years).
  5. View and calculate the projected maturity amount on your SIP calculator.

Advantages of SIP calculator: 

The benefits of using a sip calculator may be described as below:

  • SIP calculator Consider the amount and tenure while planning your investment.
  • You can use SIP calculator to estimate the total value of investments at the conclusion of your SIP duration.
  • SIP calculator saves time by providing precise results faster than manual calculation.
  • Your savings portfolio will be in line with your needs and financial requirements thanks to a SIP calculator.

UTI equity savings fund: 

The UTI equity savings fund’s investment goal states: “The Plan aims to offer capital appreciation and income distribution to the buyers using the potential for arbitrage investment in equity, its related instruments, also debt and money market instruments. You can check the UTI nifty index fund. The CRISIL Equity Savings Index serves as a benchmark for UTI equity savings funds. Launched in August 2018, the UTI Equity Savings Fund is an open-ended equity savings hybrid plan that is part of the UTI Mutual Fund House.

The statistics to UTI equity savings fund: 

The UTI equity savings fund invests 66.2% of its assets in domestic stocks, of which 61.87% are large-cap stocks and 1.05% are mid-cap stocks. Government securities make up 25.15 percent of the fund’s debt position. As of April 18, 2023, the UTI Equity Savings Fund has a current net asset value of Rs 14.07. It has lagging returns of 5.45% (1 year), 13.69% (3 years), and 7.35% (since debut) over various time frames. 

As of February 28, 2023, the UTI Equity Savings Fund had assets under management totaling Rs. 257.69 crores and an expense ratio of 1.53%. There will be an exit load for the UTI Equity Savings Fund Regular Plan, which states that “For units in excess of 10% of the investment, 1% will be levied for redemption in 12 months’ time. The UTI equity savings fund requires only 500 rupees as the minimum SIP investment amount.

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