Is it possible for heavy rain to damage your garage door?

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Our garage doors are built to withstand the elements. However, that doesn’t mean it remains unaffected by them. Just as you try to protect yourself from the rain with an umbrella or a good coat, you will also wish to take measures to properly protect your garage door. Before that, you should know how much heavy rain can damage garage doors actually. As a homeowner, you need to understand what can happen to your garage door that isn’t ready when those storm cloud roll in and if you need to opt for garage door repair services.

Can the rain harm your garage door?

Water can cause damage to garage doors, mainly if you have a wooden garage door. Wood can easily trap moisture from heavy rains, resulting in the swelling of the door, which may decrease the clearance between the frame and your garage door. Eventually, the garage door could swell a lot and become stuck. In addition, rain can warp the panels on wooden garage doors and can force the wood to rot.

An excessive amount of rain can also harm your metal garage doors. Over time, rainwater can bring rust to every part of your metal garage door. This unwanted and unsightly rust can even affect the operation of your garage doors or even the other parts that help your garage door to operate properly.

How can rainwater damage your garage doors?

You need to find out several important rain-related issues that might damage your garage door if left alone for an extended time period. As wooden garage doors can soap up water, they can become heavy and even strain your opener. If you don’t seek help of a professional, the entire system might suffer significant damage. If your garage door starts to malfunction while opening or is making creaking sounds that are a significant sign that you need to seek help for water-related damage. 

Warped garage door panels can even affect the functionality of your garage door. Warping can be seen easily because the door will look like it’s starting to give way or buckle. You should also know that severe warping can turn out to be a safety hazard; hence, you have to check this issue or seek the help of a professional as soon as possible.

You need to inspect your garage door at regular intervals for any damage or maintenance requirements after several days of rainfall. It is a great way to avoid expensive issues or repairs down the line. While checking, take the operation, overall appearance, and even how the seals are doing in keeping water out into account.

How can you protect your garage door from rain?

You need to take several important steps to prepare the garage door for heavy rain. So, you need to take the utmost care of your garage door so that it can last for many years and protect the inside of your garage properly. You can follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Check the function

If a storm is coming, you need to check your garage door to ensure that it is working properly. If you try to close your garage door and find out that it is not working, your car and all other things inside your garage can be soaked. So, you need to test the ability of your garage door to close and open. 

  • Install garage door weatherstripping

Another way to protect your garage door and your belongings inside it is to replace your existing garage door weatherstripping with a new one. Weatherstripping can prevent snow, rain, and other outdoor elements from entering your garage. 

Thus, you need to take care of your garage door in rainy seasons and opt for proper best garage door repair Las Vegas to ensure its proper functioning and durability. 

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